About McCann Consulting

Why McCann Consulting? Mike McCann started his in career in corporate accounting. Over 30 years he moved into, not-for-profit, and then government accounting leadership, Mike joined OpenGov.com as a founding employee in 2012 and served five years as the VP of Government Finance.

Mike played a leadership role designing and developing OpenGov reporting and budgeting software. His teams implemented OpenGov software for hundreds of customers. They helped customers find added value in their reporting and budgeting operations with OpenGov.

Mike recently focused on delivering live and virtual training presentations. He wrote e-books and white papers on the use of OpenGov Reporting and Budget software in government, including ARPA considerations and winning GFOA budget publication awards.

In 2022 Mike formed McCann Consulting as a vehicle to give back to the local government community with a combination of low-cost expert consulting engagements and no-cost educational initiatives.

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