Recent Speaking Engagements

Engagements as McCann Consulting

Elbert County Colorado: July 10-12, 2023 at Annual Budget Kickoff and breakout sessions

Deck for Elbert County Budget Training

In three days of on-site meetings and trainings across the County, we trained staff on using their OpenGov software suite effectively and efficiently to forecast their current year-end total expenses, budget their 2024 needs, and update the texts describing their plans and accomplishments directly in their on-line budget book.

League of California Cities: December 7, 2022 at League’s Municipal Finance institute

Deck for Creative Budget Management Tricks and Tips

In this session shared some tips and ideas discovered in two decades of budget development leadership. Budgets are always estimates, ideally the best work of smart dedicated people. The budget process should embrace and empower openness, creative thinking, risk-taking, and compromise. There is never enough money, there are always more worthwhile projects waiting for funding. The budget process should advance the government’s strategic goals while growing the government staff’s abilities and cohesiveness.

Recent Pre-Retirement OpenGov Engagements

Arizona GFOA February 2022 Quality Government Budgeting

COVID-19 shone a bright light on the value of and need for high-quality government services and the ability to easily and accurately plan and re-plan budgets. Top governments nationwide were able to quickly pivot and adapt to meeting the public health emergency and the financial fallout by having highly efficient processes and nimble and powerful technology to help anticipate, plan for, and communicate changes to available resources and impacts to services.

In this session we described how process improvements, organizational change and modern technology helped facilitate agile public administration and foster informed engagement among the residents and businesses our governments serve.  

Colorado GFOA November 2021 Budget and Planning talks

Presentation One: How to Create an Award Winning Online Budget. Setting expectations internally before pursuing an online budget book. The value of an online budget book both internally and externally. Overview of the key changes in the GFOA budget award criteria and how an online budget book can address these new changes to the criteria.

Presentation Two: Strategic plans are a useful tool to focus organizations and prioritize resource. Integrating strategic planning and budget planning. Techniques and procedures for ensuring that strategies and budgets are synchronized and complimentary. Using strategic plans to enable and limit budget planning.

GFOA’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award program requires discussion of strategic goals, how they are developed, how they will be accomplished, linkage to budget, and outside links to goal documents. Walked through highlights of GFOA long-term financial planning best practice as a workable structure for the process.

Texas County Auditors Association October 2021 ARPA Talk

American Recovery Plan (“ARPA”) and Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (“CLFRF”). Success with CLFRF Reporting. Subrecipient award programs. Partnering with OpenGov for ARPA management. Upgrading technology infrastructure with CLFRF. Useful resource links.

Mike McCann brief credentials

Over the last two decades I have been deeply involved in the local government budgeting process. For 12 years, serving in two California cities as assistant FD and Finance Director I led budget teams. Prior to entering government service, as a CFO, I was responsible for the annual budget in both non-profit and entrepreneurial organizations for 10 years.

For the last 10 years at a government software startup, I wrote a major white paper that became the template for the company’s collaborative budget development product, followed by a complex workforce costing solution that supported it.

I have worked directly with governments across the country, written eBooks on budget process and publication, led webinars and training on many aspects of budgeting.

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