Budget Services Offered to Support all Agencies

MCC supports budget processes across the full cycle, from budget planning to publication for smaller agencies, using OpenGov or not. Please see the Practical Pragmatic Budget Handbook available on this site at no cost or obligation for more on the type of budget approaches we recommend.

Budget Support

Services are provided on a flexible basis to suit the Agency’ specific objectives and timetable under an annual service agreement.

Budget Process Support

Agencies run many complex processes on annual cycles. With normal staff transitions and learning curves, staying current on the details of infrequently exercised process and the software that supports them is difficult.

MCC can provide customized support services to provide significant hands-on help in budget processes. We can act to support and train staff, help cover vacant positions.

Training and Support

Training and coaching are in integral part of every MCC engagement.

Informal, one-on-one discussion, demonstration and feedback helps give Agency staff the confidence and skills they need in their work. Cell phone, Zoom contact, and on-site options bring support to life.

Here is one recent example of our training materials provided to support on-site client training for their second budget year using OpenGov software:

The PPB Handbook is another example of the kind of training materials and support that MCC can provide in the field. Training can be developed and customized to an Agencies needs and software situation.

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