The Vision behind McCann Consulting

A clear vision, long-range perspective and broad scope are essential

I spent the last ten years helping design and develop OpenGov’s software for the specific use of local governments in the United States. It is designed to take government leaders and staff from the legacy world of compartmented and inaccessible data into the the modern era of broad transparency taking advantage of the safety and power of new Internet technology.

OpenGov has grown to become the market leader in government software. As demand increased in larger local, state, federal and even international markets, the software has become more sophisticated, secure, and capable.

With this growth in functionality and flexibility came increasing complexity. Implementing, updating, and using the software all became more challenging. Larger governments could support more staffing, provide training and manage learning curves as they put this new power to work across their organizations.

My concern was with our original market, the smaller agencies who were in my mind’s eye as we rolled out our first products. My hope was that our solutions would be so intuitive and straightforward that accounting teams would put them to work with little training “overhead” needed.

Today the software has far surpassed my original vision in all aspects, as OpenGov strives to meet demand and better serve larger governments. Unfortunately, smaller agencies might easily feel lost in this complexity, especially when facing the reality of limited, hard-pressed, staff, open positions, and competing priorities.

McCann Consulting is a vehicle designed to allow me use my expertise to address the needs of those smaller agencies. Whether they can use an extra pair of hands on the keyboard, or specific skills with OpenGov, to accelerate setup and adoption curves.

I can spend the time required to work deeply with agency staff and decision makers. I can help cover staff shortages working in the software and help resolve accounting and budget issues on a peer-to-peer basis. I can work with OpenGov teams to facilitate progress all around.

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